Ragtime, Stride & Early Jazz Piano

Dave Tucker lives in Alexandria, Virginia, is married (Cindy) with two
children (Michael & Christina), and conducts patent research for a living.
Dave has played piano, specializing in ragtime and early jazz, since 1970.  In
the early 1990s he took up piano performance with great enthusiasm and
began to expand his playing into other early jazz forms such at stride and
novelty piano.

His first CD “Tickled Ragtime & Novelties” in 2001 featured the music of
Scott Joplin, Joseph Lamb, Zez Confrey and others.   Recently, while
expanding his ragtime repertoire, Dave has explored many other forms of
early syncopated music including European novelty piano and the Harlem
stride of James P. Johnson, Willie “The Lion” Smith and Fats Waller.  His
second CD “Meadow Lark”, issued in April 2005, reflects his intense
research, study and numerous experiences since first becoming a regular
performer on the ragtime circuit. Meadow Lark includes songs of many
styles, such as classic and modern-era ragtime, Harlem stride and other
examples of early jazz piano music.

Dave has performed at the International Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival, the
Blind Boone Ragtime Festival, the West Coast Ragtime Festival, the Lake
Superior Ragtime Festival, the Eau Claire Ragtime Festival, the Alexandria
Bay Ragtime/Jasstime Festival and the Northern Virginia Ragtime Society,
among other numerous appearances.  Dave has also conducted several
ragtime presentations for school children.

Dave now performs regularly in the Washington D.C. region.  In 2005, Dave
joined the New Hots Jazz Orchestra as their pianist.   In addition, Dave
helped develop a new jazz trio called Reverie (http://www.reveriejazz.com),
now performing regularly.  This group specializes in presenting early jazz
standards in their original style. Reverie sometimes expands into a 5-6 piece
group.  In December 2008 Dave became the Director of The Society
Orchestra of Washington  (
http://hotsociety.net).  Dave also works with
other musicians and vocalists for various projects in the D.C. area, and
maintains a website covering his activities